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Complete wood furniture maintenance

1. When using a solid wood seat, please do not tilt the seat back and avoid using the seat of the chair and the base of the table as the resting place.
2. Do not stand in a soft chair seat, the high pressure will cause the seat to lose its elasticity.
3. High temperature appliances avoid directly on the furniture surface. If you are not careful, please consult the furniture repair specialist.
4. Use a non-plastic cushion to protect the solid wood table.
5. To avoid damage to furniture, please use a decorative tablecloth or small round cushion made from natural fabrics to separate the lamps and ornaments from direct contact with the table. If you have written and used a ballpoint pen, you must put a protective plate under the paper and a coaster under the cup of hot and cold beverages.
6. When using glue, marker pen, colored water pen and other items that are easy to contaminate or damage furniture, the panel of furniture should be carefully protected. In addition, the goods that have fragrance direct contact furniture surface, also can damage the coating on furniture surface.
7. When you need to move items on the surface of the whole wooden home, please move the items off the surface and not drag them directly to avoid excessive scratches. Note: there is a lot of friction on the surface of the piece of furniture that is coated with the subgloss coating. In the case of proper use, the apoptote
It doesn't seem to be a quality defect that will gradually brighten over time.
8. Avoid using plastic and rubber to avoid the use of plastic MATS or tablecloths on furniture surfaces, because the chemicals in the plastic will destroy the coating on the furniture surface.
9 put the computer equipment, alarm clocks, lamps, telephone and other items on the table, please stick flannelette in their bottom, because their material in plastic, rubber, nylon and other chemicals can penetrate coating on the surface of the furniture and soften them, resulting in the depression on the surface of the furniture and fade, if do not take protective measures, long-term in plastic toys will damage the coating on the surface of the furniture, if the furniture has been damaged, please turn to furniture repair experts.

10 Give your furniture the freedom to breathe. Entire domestic outfit product excellent furniture coatings will not block the opportunity of furniture is exposed to air, furniture need to breathe to ensure furniture beautiful and durability, therefore, furniture often placed in the air, don't cover for a long time.

11. The following protection measures are recommended: regularly changing the location of computer equipment, audio equipment, alarm clocks and staplers; Can change long-term placement of the role of ornaments, they can be placed in your desk, bookshelf, bedside table, bogu shelf, do not produce aesthetic fatigue; The accessories must be glued below

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